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 Driver / Dimmer Combo is a low voltage, LED driver and dimmer combined in a single gang box. Simplify your installation and save labor cost with this award winning product! 


  • Simplifies your LED installation.
  • Eliminates compatibility issues between drivers and switches.
  • Superior LED dimming performance( 100 percent, - 5 percent).
  • Preset dimmer with on/off switch.
  • Simplifies LED installation by eliminating compatibility issues between driver and dimer.
  • Fits in a standard recessed electrical box.
  • No Minimum load.
  • Adjustable voltage output dial to address voltage drop.
  • Includes voltage barrier partition to install high and low voltage circuit in same switch box.
  • No derating required when ganging units.
  • Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, SWITCHEX will return to setting prior to interruption.
  • (3) included face plates: Glossy White, Glossy Light, Almond and Glossy Dark Brown (Wall trim plates and glossy black face plate are sold separately).
  • Includes: (1) SwitchEX, Barrier, (3) Face Plates, (4) Twisted Wire Connectors, (2) Mounting Screws.

Designer Dimmer Driver-Switch in one

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