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Cameo Studio-Designer LED,Designs by Cameo provides a unique design experience within
the tile installation process fused with lighting. A mighty Women Owned Business, with a
creative edge in the tile world like no other. Cameo Studio works within the tile trade and lighting trade. Offering fresh extraordinary designs for remodels or new construction in residential and commercial applications by adding LED in areas of luxury showers. Cameo designs is known for lighting showers and creating beautiful bathrooms. In a recent interview, the owner of Cameo
Studio’s expresses:
“Light changes everything, light brings life to a space”...Its truly the jewelry of the space.


Cameo Studio also offers tile installation on large scale commercial jobs. Working with tile
installers across the country. In addition to lighting specifications. Cameo Studios offers custom lighting design layouts, and decorative lighting fixture selections.


Cameron’s career launched deeper into the design field through the Midwest region working exclusively with the design trade and creating a relationships within several lighting showrooms to facilitate exclusive interior design programs. She educated enrolled interior design students on the concept of decorative lighting. As her career expanded deeper into the builder, architect channels. Cameron launched her own freelance business as a lighting specialist, which lead her into the remodel and tile trade. Earning several certificates on install methods for luxury
showers. It was after her first full blown tile job that she saw a need within the tile trade. So she found a USA manufacture, established her vision of bringing light-LED into the artistry of tile.

For the last several years Cameron has lead remodel jobs, residential and commercial tile installation with the help of nation wide tile installers that she has hand selected for her projects. In 2021 Cameron brought the LED to her first tile tradeshow, she created a training manual for tile installers to learn how to install and service the LED once installed. Currently, she is a mentor for Women in Lighting, speaks at networking events and recently asked to speak at Lightovation. Cameron has been apart of masterminds in the tile trade and active in the Women in Flooring Business. She is coached by top female entrepreneurs and one day hopes to be on the cover of Forbes magazine


Women Owned Business, Women's business leader, Woman Owned Tile installation Company, Woman Owed Luxury LED lighting


Cameron Metheney known as the queen of lighting in her LED and tile industry.

A powerhouse of an entrepreneur began her career in the Chicago market almost 10 years ago,out of the gate channeling her visionary characteristic lighting became second nature, as shehas worked with television sets in Chicago, high end designers, architects and movie star clients.

Cameron Metheney


Designer DopamineC

Designer Dopamine CEU, offered as one (1) credit approved by the Architectural and Interior Design Board.  The CEU is like no other, if you are a showroom or design firm looking to bring Designer Dopamine to your next CEU, please reach out to Cameron. By sending an email to:

Topics include: Interior Design with Lighting Trends, Designer Specialities and Theory using dopamine .



The Epitome of Innovation

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