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Designer Dopamine CEU, Department of Business and Professional Regulation  Board of Architect and Interior Design 1 credit. 

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Designer Dopamine: Illuminating the Creative Journey in Lighting Design CEU  Presenter

 Join Cameron Metheney, a seasoned professional in the realm of lighting design, for an engaging Continuing Education Unit (CEU) session that delves into the captivating world of lighting and creativity. In this enlightening one-hour session, participants will embark on a journey through the history of lighting and the evolution of LED technology, exploring how these elements shape modern design practices.


Topics Covered: 1. History of Lighting and LED: Discover the fascinating evolution of lighting from ancient times to the present day, with a focus on the revolutionary impact of LED technology.


2. Theory and Creativity: Explore the concept of "designer dopamine" and how it influences the creative process in lighting design, igniting inspiration and innovation.


3. Interior Design Lighting Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring current trends in interior lighting design, including the latest innovations and techniques.


4. Design Specialties: Delve into the world of linear lighting and other specialized design approaches, unlocking new possibilities for creative expression.


Format Options: - In-Person Showroom Trainings: Ideal for groups of 10 or more, these interactive sessions provide hands-on learning experiences in a showroom setting.

- One-on-One Online Zoom Training: Personalized sessions tailored to individual participants, offering flexibility and convenience.


- Tradeshow Speaker or Moderator: Invite Cameron Metheney to share expertise and insights as a professional speaker or moderator at your next industry event. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Cameron Metheney directly.


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your knowledge and expertise in lighting design!

Cameron Metheney 

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