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Unveiling Creativity at COVERINGS Trade Show in Hot-lanta

Updated: Apr 28

Yo, fellow design enthusiasts! Cameo here, and let me tell you about my wild ride at the COVERINGS trade show in Hot-Lanta. It was like stepping into a whole new world of creativity, innovation, and empowerment, all I can say is, "RADICAL GRATITUDE SHIFT!!!

The women's conference at COVERINGS was off the charts! We're talking deep discussions and major insights that went beyond the industry norm. Shoutout to Angelica Weber, Mercedes, Megan, and Leslie for bringing the fire to the Women's Panel. Their stories? Inspiring AF.

As the host of a podcast for the Women of the Flooring Business (WOFB), I got to chat it up with some real movers and shakers, like Julee Ireland. Her Curves tile collection? Next level! .Our conversation delved into the inspiration behind her designs, highlighting the power of creativity to transcend boundaries and defy expectations. Check out our Youtube channel and subscribe to hear more podcasts. I also spoke with Michelle Winters. Michelle dropped some knowledge on CTI training, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. Investing in our skills and expertise? That's how we level up and show the world what we're made of.

Workshops on Women's Leadership: Empowering Women in the Industry

Ladies, listen up! The workshops on women's leadership at COVERINGS were a game-changer. From breaking barriers to bossing up in our careers, these sessions were all about leveling up and owning our power. Big shoutout to the Women's Panel for dropping some serious wisdom and leaving us feeling like we can take on the world.

Networking Opportunities: Champagne Toasts and Industry Insights

COVERINGS wasn't just about business; it was about building connections. Picture this: champagne flowing, industry insiders mingling, and ideas sparking left and right. It was a vibe, and I'm all about celebrating women's achievements in the industry.

Emerging Trends: Pioneering the Future of Tile and Stone Design

Alright, let's talk trends! COVERINGS had us buzzing with excitement over what's hot in tile and stone. From bold patterns to vibrant color palettes, there was something for every design lover. And don't even get me started on the innovative uses of tile beyond tradition. Retro vibes with a modern twist? Yes, please!Oh, and let's not forget the mind-blowing finds at COVERINGS. MAJORCA TIFFANY's Panthera Sugar Effect tile? Insane. And SICIS? Their mosaic patterns had us all shook.

CTI Training: A Practical Approach to Professional Development

This Winters' shared insights of her passion through promotion with the CTI exam, which is during next year's International Women's Day underscored the importance of education and professional development in empowering women in the industry. Michelle’s dedication to supporting and uplifting fellow professionals was truly inspiring and left a lasting impression on all who attended. Winters blew our minds with her passion for the CTI exam. She's all about empowering women through education, and her dedication is seriously contagious. The WOFB will be proudly broadcasting from the CTI exam in FL, on International Women's Day.

As I reflect on my experience at COVERINGS, I am reminded of the transformative power of connection and collaboration. The trade show was not just an opportunity to showcase products; it was a platform for fostering meaningful relationships, sparking inspiration, and driving positive change within the industry. In a world filled with endless possibilities, COVERINGS was a shining example of the beauty that emerges when creativity, innovation, and empowerment intersect.

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